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The Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law published its first issue in the 1st quarter of 2006 and is now calling for papers in, or related to, the following areas for Volume 9 (2014):


1) Digital Forensics Curriculum
2) Cyber Law Curriculum
3) Information Assurance Curriculum
4) Digital Forensic Accounting Curriculum
5) Digital Forensics Teaching Methods
6) Cyber Law Teaching Methods
7) Information Assurance Teaching Methods
8) Digital Forensic Accounting Teaching Methods
9) Digital Forensics Case Studies
10) Cyber Law Case Studies
11) Information Assurance Case Studies
12) Digital Forensic Accounting Case Studies
13) Digital Forensics and Information Technology
14) Law and Information Technology
15) Information Assurance and Information Technology
16) Digital Forensic Accounting  Information Technology


Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor in Word, Word Perfect or RTF formats. 


Instructions for authors may be found at the following link:

Author Instructions


The editor of the JDFSL,  Dr. Gregg Gunsch, may be reached via email at editor@jdfsl.org.


Manuscripts may also be submitted to editor@jdfsl.org in Word, Word Perfect, RTF, or PDF format. 



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